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Odoo Debranding

Odoo Debranding

About Odoo
Odoo is a suite of web-based open source business apps

Odoo apps include Open Source CRM, a Website Builder, eCommerce, Warehouse Management, Project Management, Nilling And Accounting, Point Of Sales etc.

Odoo Debranding 

For odoo server path:usr/Iib/python2.7/site-packages/odoo/addons

For local odoo patthrogram files/odoo 10.0/server/odoo/addons


*Edit On POS Bill : addons/point of sale/static/src/xml

<t t-name=”PosTicket”

<div class=”pos-sa1e-ticker”>

<img width = “170” hspace = “70”

src= “/point_of_salc/static/src/img/imge_name.png”

div class =”pos-center-align”> <t t-esc=”monent() .format(‘L LT’)”/>

<t t-esc “order.name”/ > </div>



User: <t t-ese”widget.pos.cashier ? widget.pos.cashier.name : widget.pos.user.name”/ > <br/>

Shop: <t t-esc= “widget.pos.shop.name”/ > <br />

Table: <t t-esc= “widget.pos.table.name”/> <br />

customer : <t t-esc=”order.changed.client.name”/> <br />

<br />


*Edit Page Title : addons/web/static/src/js/abstract_web_client.js

init: function(parent) {

this.client_options ={};

this ._super(parent);

this.origin = undefined;

this._current_state = null;

this.menu_dm = new utils.DropMisordered();

this.action_mutex = new utils.Mutex();

this.set(‘title_part‘, {“zopenerp”: “odo0”});



* Edit Setting Dashboard



*Edit Company Logo


change image res_company_view.png


*Remove “Powered by Odoo”

Open the View web.login_layout and comment out following lines:

<!– <span class:”oe_footer_seperator”> | </span> –>

<!– href=”https://www.odoo.com” target=”_blank”>Powered by <span>Odoo</span></a> –>


Open the View web.menu_secondary and comment out following line:

<!– Powered by <a href=”http://www.openerp.com” target=”_blank”> <span>Odoo </span> </a> –>


*Remove “Odoo support” user for instant messaging

Goto Settings > Local Modules and uninstall module Odoo Live Support (im_odoo_support)


*Remove Odoo announcement top bar

Empty the openerp_announcement function in: addons/mail/static/src/js/announcement.js  like this:


*Remove the menu items “My Odoo.com Account”. “Help” 

addons/web/static/src/me/base.xml   and comment out this line:


*Edit Email Template

addons/auto_signup/ data /auto_signup_data.xml


*Edit Web Planner


Change Pos title Infront Code: User Interface/View/POS Index


*You can access database manager via

“Database manager” link at the bottom of the login page.

Adding “/web/database/manager” to the base Odoo URL (as this is hardcoded in addons/web/controllers/main.py)


*Expected behavior

In order to improve security and avoid attacks as much as possible, it would be great to achieve these two things using the config file

be able to deactivate/hide the “Database Manager” link (by setting disable_database_manager  in  web/views/webclient_templates.xml to True)

*modify the URL to the database manager (instead hardcoded “/web/database/manager”).


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